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Zhejiang Novia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in production of high quality lightweight vacuum flask,children bottle &coffee pot, located at Jinyanshan Industrial zone, city of Wuyi in Zhejiang provincey. Our factories do produce high-end stainless steel thermos flasks, vacuum pots as well as cups and mugs , with a matching lid of the best quality. Those products become a basic necessity to keep hot or cold longer in offices, over picnic or while on route to offices in automobiles. Needless to say, they are highly welcomed in local and foreign markets.

Zhejiang Novia Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd
  • 2005 2009 year


  • 180 80000 Pieces

    Production capacity

  • 8700 30000

    Factory area

  • 200 420 people


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