Vacuum insulation principle and how to choose a good vacuum cup

Time:2018-04-13 12:00:00

Vacuum cup is made of ceramic or stainless steel with vacuum layer water container. Vacuum vacuum insulation blanket can make in internal water slow cooling. Developed vacuum cup from a thermos, heat preservation principle, just for the convenience of people put the bottle to make the vacuum cup. Vacuum cup silver cup bile can reflect the hot water radiation, vacuum cup bile and vacuum cup body can block the heat transfer, heat preservation effect.
In vacuum during use to avoid collision, lest cause insulation failure or leakage. Tighten the vacuum cup plug the strength should be appropriate, don't force rotating. Often drink coffee, tea or drinks, which enable the tank will change color this is normal phenomenon, a toothbrush with toothpaste can be cleared. High quality vacuum cup should see the following: 1. The vacuum tank and external bile polishing is uniform, so have bruising, scratches; 3. The temperature of welded at the top is smooth, it is related to whether comfortable when drinking. 4. The temperature of the poor quality of plastic parts, not only affect the service life and can also affect the health of drinking water. 5. Inside the vacuum seal is tight, plug and insulation body is proper. 6. Thermal insulation performance, this is the main technique index sign of the vacuum cup.

Usually impossible to check in accordance with the standards when the choose and buy, but can feel by filled with hot water after check, no insulation cup into hot water for two minutes after the lower cup body heats up, the thermal insulation cup bottom is always cool. This market has a lot of bad keep-warm glass manufacturer to produce inferior products, some are in the bottom of the filling sand to increase weight, with no conscience, so dark, make money, every midnight when peace?
So many are introduced. Everybody should know how to choose the vacuum cup!

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